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Do you know what a boudoir photoshoot is? Have you ever wondered what a boudoir shoot is like? Maybe you've heard of it but don't really know what it is. Maybe you think boudoir is just a bunch of gorgeous woman who want to take photos of themselves. Whatever the case may be, let me take you on the emotional journey of what a boudoir experience truly is...

For starters, it is more than just a physical experience of gorgeous images. For many of my clients it is an emotional and mental escapade into the woman they truly are. An experience where they get to shed their insecurities, celebrate their triumphs and revel in the woman they have become over the years.

Boudoir (pronounced Boo-Dwar) is a type of photography similar to glamour only a bit more intimate. Through this type of photography Miss Mary Boudoir Studio makes woman feel absolutely beautiful no matter what shape or size they are in a world that is so critical of what a woman's body should look like. I work with woman from all struggles of life from domestic violence abuse, divorce, low self-esteem and brides-to-be who just want to give the gorgeous gift of themselves to their new hubby-to-be. I have been blessed to meet some amazing woman who's stories inspire me every single day.

As a woman who runs a household and business herself, I know how chaotic life can get. And I understand how easy it is to get caught up in the chaos and forget how beautiful we really are. In the midst of raising children, working full-time jobs, caring for other people more than yourself - I know how easy it is to make ourselves less of a priority. As our families grow and we get older, it's easy to "lose" ourselves. We put less makeup on or throw our hair into a bun more often than we use too. And as time goes on, we sometimes can't even remember the woman we used to be. You know...the one who used to like to put on makeup, go have a drink with the girls, or the one who use to shop and splurge on herself. As a woman who struggles to see her own beauty sometimes, I know this cycle to well.

Each women who steps into my studio comes in with a story. While every story is unique, different, and enriching, most of the women in here feel unworthy. They feel insecure, fat, ugly, heartbroken and worthless like they are lacking in some way. Why? Because women are their own worst critic. I see it day in and day out, photoshoot after photoshoot.

This is why the POWER of a boudoir shoot goes far beyond the price tag, beyond the outfits, and quite frankly, beyond the camera lens. By doing a boudoir shoot you are giving yourself permission to really see yourself as the woman you truly are - a strong, powerful, and astounding women who can overcome anything in life.

It is a sense of accomplishment, a shock of confidence, and the boost of self-esteem that will blow your mind. Now, I’m not sitting here saying Boudoir is the answer to all your insecurity issues BUT the power of a boudoir session serves as a reminder that you are strong and beautiful. It will build you up to your best self and bring out a confidence in you that you will have never known existed. It is a reminder of the woman you used to be, the woman you can be, and the woman you are today.

Changing lives is something we can only hope to do while we are here on this earth, but changing your mindset and your views of yourself is something that is my absolute mission. The power of a boudoir shoot is a life-changing mental growth that each client experiences when they see their gorgeous images. That gasp when they see themselves the way I see them - gorgeous, stunning, and bold - makes it all worth it.

I'm no magic worker. The magic is inside each of you but I have a gift of bringing that out for the world to see. There's never been a better time to invest in yourself and change your mindset about your own body and I can help you do that.

My mission goes beyond beautiful photographs by providing a luxurious and elegant experience from beginning to end. From a one-on-one styling consultation to a full makeover, I help woman of all shapes and sizes feel like they can conquer the world with their new found confidence from their photo shoot. I've seen woman from all struggles of life grow, morph, and bloom from shy and insecure, to the confident and sexy woman they deserve to be.

"Last fall I found reason to start a journey to build more self esteem. I changed my hair, got new ink, started buying higher end products, and focused on happiness and health more. BUT TODAY, as Miss Mary revealed my photographs from our session to me, I knew my self image issues were over. I never looked at myself the way Mary's lens captured me...but there I am. Even as awkward as I felt in those moments, posing with my booty in the air in my undies, I was, and am beautiful.

Every woman who loves herself, or wants to start loving herself more, should book a session. It is so worth it, the BEST thing I've ever done for myself. I will cherish this experience forever, and continue daydreaming about my next session until it's booked!"

- Courtney, Receptionist

Behind-the-Scenes of a Boudoir Shoot with MMB



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